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Nancy Glynn's picture Submitted by Nancy Glynn May 17, 2017 - 8:38am

The world is not getting any simpler. We believe we have created modern environments that are somehow within our control. But the truth is that the markets and operating environments in which we perform are as complex as the natural environments from which our ancestors sprung. Our working environments share with the rainforest and other natural systems volatility, ambiguity, diversity and interdependence – all of which are key drivers of complexity. 

Tricia Naddaff's picture Submitted by Tricia Naddaff May 12, 2017 - 11:23am

Early in my career, when I first encountered assessments, I was not impressed. This may seem an unlikely confession from someone who now leads an assessment organization but I think it can largely be explained by the type of assessments I was originally exposed to. While I have learned a great deal in the 30 years that I have been in the learning and development field, even at the start of my career I was aware of how complex (and even contradictory) human beings are.

2017 May Coaching Report

Current developments in health and wellness coaching...

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With great sadness we announce that Sir John Whitmore, coaching pioneer and leader, passed away in late April 2017. As a pre-eminent thinker in leadership and organizational change, John worked globally with leading multinational corporations to establish coaching management cultures and leadership programs. He wrote five books on leadership, coaching and sports, most notably Coaching for Performance, which introduced the world to his transformative GROW (Goal, Reality, Options/Opportunity, Will/What Next) model of coaching.

2017 April Coaching Report

It’s important to understand HOW we work, as human beings and as coaches....

Matthias Ehrhardt's picture Submitted by Matthias Ehrhardt April 12, 2017 - 8:19pm

How important are stories for coaching? Most coaches will no doubt say that the importance of stories for coaching can hardly be overestimated. But, why? And, if they play such a central role in coaching, how can we optimally work with the stories our clients tell us? Here’s a suggestion: use the ABCDE of narrative. 

What is the ABCDE of narrative? It is a model that helps us discern elements of stories and to frame powerful questions around these stories. There are four elements of stories: 

In this video, Dr Jeffrey Hull, Director of Education and Business Development for the IOC discusses the critical importance of emotional intelligence in becoming an effective leader. Interviewed during his recent presentation on Emotional Intelligence and Adaptive Leadership for the Applied Physician Leadership Academy at the Reading Health System in Reading PA, Dr. Hull discusses the four key elements of adaptive or agile leadership and how, together with emotional intelligence, these capabilities can set leaders on a path to success.

2017 March Coaching Report

“We know that coaching is effective in creating space for change and now through neuroscience research we can develop tools that align with how our brains function — such that we can make quantum leaps in coaching outcomes,” says Carlos Davidovich, MD, executive coach and expert on the relationship of neuroscien...

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Patricia H. Marino~ PHD / NBCT / CEC's picture Submitted by Patricia H. Mar... March 9, 2017 - 8:12pm

It wasn’t long ago I experienced first-hand the inertia of self-sabotage. For some time, it had challenged my completion of a publication-ready project. One day, fed up with its evasive and covert shenanigans, I decided to unveil and confront this unconscious enemy. Herein, I describe briefly how responsibility and participation, two components of a framework I call digging deep, helped me finally gain the upper hand on self-sabotage.

The IOC is delighted to welcome COACH A Co., Ltd. as a new IOC sponsor at the platinum level.  

COACH A is a global coaching firm that specializes in promoting systemic growth by creating leaders that drive change in their organizations.  Their ICF accredited coach training program -- coachAcademia -- has trained more than 15,000 coaches.  Read more about COACH A here.  

2017 February Coaching Report

This month we’re focused on leadership assessment.  Tom Peters, a famous management consultant and author, once said, “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.”  Was he talking about leadership assessment?  No, but he could have been....

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On January 27, the IOC held its inaugural Fellows Roundtable - and its first ever event on the west coast - at the Beverly Hills Hillcrest Country Club, with over 20 senior level leadership and health/wellness coaches in attendance. Dr. Jeff Hull, Director of Education and Business Development for the IOC, and IOC Fellow and local leader, Eilleen Fracchia, brought together a highly engaged group to learn about the latest IOC-sponsored research on evidence-based coaching practices and to brainstorm topics for future peer-to-peer learning and community-building.

Haesun Moon's picture Submitted by Haesun Moon February 16, 2017 - 5:03pm

How do you know that coaching works?  I often ask this question in the beginning of my coaching class. Many shining eyes put up their hands and quote the latest research on how coaching boosts the performance, motivation, or confidence of struggling employees, confused youth, or frustrated executives. Based on their answers I can almost guess what their day job is: ROI, increased employee engagement, happier children and healthier families: the rather revealing list goes on. 

Paulette Rao's picture Submitted by Paulette Rao February 9, 2017 - 7:38am

Have you ever had good news to share with the world and no one seemed to care as much as you did? Once, when I received an offer from a prestigious university to create and deliver a coaching diploma program and I successfully completed it after a few stressful months of changes in direction, I told a friend my news. I was proud to share my completion news with her as she had supported me throughout the uncertainty. She acknowledged the victory. “That’s great news!” she said, and then she changed the subject. I was left feeling a disconnect and, frankly, a bit hurt.

Margaret Moore's picture Submitted by Margaret Moore February 3, 2017 - 8:15am

The story goes: a prominent thinker, perhaps William James or Bertrand Russell, delivered a lecture on the nature of the solar system. In response, an elderly woman proposed an alternate theory, that the world is flat, sitting on a turtle, and it is turtles all the way down. Her wacky notion has a kernel of wisdom for leaders in healthcare today.

Carol Braddick's picture Submitted by Carol Braddick January 18, 2017 - 8:45pm

Are you ready for a technology upgrade? Many of your coaching clients have already upgraded. They’re already using productivity and biometric apps and devices. This first in a series of three articles looks at ways to repurpose these tools across all phases of a coaching process and for a wide range of coaching goals. The second article will cover People Analytics and its potential impact on coaching; the third explores future scenarios such as ‘coach-bots’ interacting with leaders who may or may not work with a human coach.