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2017 March Coaching Report

“We know that coaching is effective in creating space for change and now through neuroscience research we can develop tools that align with how our brains function — such that we can make quantum leaps in coaching outcomes,” says Carlos Davidovich, MD, executive coach and expert on the relationship of neuroscien...

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Patricia H. Marino~ PHD / NBCT / CEC's picture Submitted by Patricia H. Mar... March 9, 2017 - 8:12pm

It wasn’t long ago I experienced first-hand the inertia of self-sabotage. For some time, it had challenged my completion of a publication-ready project. One day, fed up with its evasive and covert shenanigans, I decided to unveil and confront this unconscious enemy. Herein, I describe briefly how responsibility and participation, two components of a framework I call digging deep, helped me finally gain the upper hand on self-sabotage.

The IOC is delighted to welcome COACH A Co., Ltd. as a new IOC sponsor at the platinum level.  

COACH A is a global coaching firm that specializes in promoting systemic growth by creating leaders that drive change in their organizations.  Their ICF accredited coach training program -- coachAcademia -- has trained more than 15,000 coaches.  Read more about COACH A here.  

2017 February Coaching Report

This month we’re focused on leadership assessment.  Tom Peters, a famous management consultant and author, once said, “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.”  Was he talking about leadership assessment?  No, but he could have been....

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