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Revisiting followership through a social identity perspective: The role of collective follower emotion and action

We review the concept of followership with a specific focus on how followers actively influence leadership outcomes. We examine in particular research from four key areas: social identity perspectives on leadership intergroup emotion theory collective action and reciprocal affect within leader–follower interactions....

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The influence of follower mood on leader mood and task performance: An affective follower-centric perspective of leadership

Based on the notion that leadership involves affective exchange (Dasborough Ashkanasy Tee & Tse 2009) we hypothesize that a leader's mood and task performance can be determined in part by follower mood displays....

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Relative leader-member exchange negative affectivity and social identification: A moderated-mediation examination

We argue that leader–member exchange (LMX) standing relative to the LMX relationships of other coworkers (RLMX) in workgroups may influence employees' job performance....

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