Dr. Vania Castro

Dr. Vania Castro, OMFR., MS., Ph.D.

REI Council Member & Fellow, Institute of Coaching

Vania Castro, OMFR., MS., Ph.D., (aka Doctor C.) has a dual citizenship (Brazilian and American). In growing up and throughout her career as an academic, scientific, and clinical research faculty member, Health Science leader, and collaborator in community civic projects, the theme of diversity is persistent. She has collaborated in multidisciplinary projects with the U.S. National Institute of Health. In addition, she has committed herself to excellence in higher
education, and ardent pursuit of the mindfulness and initiative required to address such topics as diversity and inclusion. She has traveled and worked in over 50 countries on five continents and speaks four languages.

In 2010, she transitioned from her academic and scientific/clinical research roles to focus on developing organizational and individual capability through coaching, training, and consulting. Specific areas of application in this regard are Leadership, Team Development, Personal Effectiveness, Resilience, Transformational Leadership, Career Development, Strategic Thinking, Negotiation, Managing Change, Organization Culture, and Influencing Others. She has managed and developed teams by coaching and teaching for profit and nonprofit organizations in the last decade.

Doctor C. is a thoughtful and accomplished leader dedicated to aiding individuals and teams to overcome cultural barriers by engaging them, bringing them together, building and sustaining collaborative health care community partnerships, and meeting mutual goals to make a significant impact on stakeholders. She is a Development Coach and Health Science leader with extensive training experience and advanced knowledge in the fields of diversity, inclusion, and international cross-cultural management. She is a dynamic, multifaceted, highly collaborative and result-oriented professional, who is highly invested in local and global community relations, and active participation on several local and global boards. She partners with clients who are based in and outside of the U.S. She lives in Kansas, USA with her husband and son.