Council on Race, Equity & Inclusion

Our Vision Statement

The Institute of Coaching Council on Race, Equity & Inclusion is elevating coaching research, practice and impact to improve the work, lives, and health of those affected by racism and a lack of equity and inclusion in leadership, healthcare, education, and beyond.


Spawned by the civil unrest in the spring of 2020, the Institute of Coaching formed a Council on Race, Equity & Inclusion to advance the research and practice of coaches as agents of positive change and equity in both the global coaching field and for the clients we serve in leadership, healthcare, education, and beyond.

The council’s scope spans the intersecting identities of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, socio-linguistics, and LGBTQIA applying the lens of science-based coaching practice. We are translating the work of leading researchers and thought leaders into coaching practices, amplifying the voices and experiences of coaches and clients dealing with racism and inadequate equity and inclusion, pursuing research, and developing evidence-based coaching competencies that support full self-determination of coaches and those we serve.

Our 2021 agenda includes increasing the diversity of the IOC community, developing a course on Coaching for Racial Equity relevant to all domains of coaching, designing participatory action research on coaching to improve equity and inclusion in leadership development and healthcare, and supporting pro-bono coaching with partnering organizations to optimize the self-determination of leaders and others disadvantaged by their racial or cultural identities.


  • Facilitate courageous conversations.
    • Promote interculturally competent listening, communication practices, and methods for navigating courageous conversations on issues of race, equity, and inclusion.
  • Advance research on ways to improve racial equity and inclusion.
    • Advance research that supports science-based coaching standards and practices that raise racial awareness, consciousness and efficacy in the context or race, equity, and inclusion.
  • Engage.
    • Engage coaches and clients to attain individual and/or team goals by encouraging self-efficacy, increased intercultural awareness, empathy, and self-determination.
  • Support.
    • Support coaches and clients in reaching their full potential.