Adelman, Steven A

Steve Adelman

Dr. Adelman heads the Physician Health Services (PHS) of the Massachusetts Medical Society. He has expanded its foundational mission of evaluation and assistance to physicians with medical issues to also include aspirations and resources for physician wellness. Physicians experiencing burnout may refer themselves or be referred to PHS for evaluation – and that may now result in a recommendation for coaching. Goal domains have included personal resilience, conflict management, emotional self-management, relational strengthening and more. The coaching arrangement may be sponsored by the doctor’s workplace or conducted privately; sponsored coaching may include a unique contractual arrangement (doctor/coach/workplace/PHS) to assure all stakeholder’s aims are met. Dr. Adelman is also the sponsor of Managing Workplace Conflict, a recurring 2-day workshop sponsored by MMS for both physicians and their leaders, using coaches among the course faculty and featuring instruction in coaching techniques for the attendees.

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