Batista-Foguet,Joan Manuel

Joan Manuel Batista-Foguet

Joan Manuel Batista-Foguet, is since 1995 Full Professor in the Department of Methods at Esade BS (University Ramón Llull). He has been the first Research Director of Esade (2001- 2008), Chair of the Department of People Management and Organization (2014-2018), and the founder and Principal Investigator of the Development Leadership Research Centre at Esade BS (2001-2021).

He has degrees in industrial Engineering (Polytechnic University of Catalonia (1975) and in Psychology from the University de Barcelona (1982). He also has a Master degree in Social Sciences Data Analysis from the University of Essex and earned a Ph.D. in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 1982.

He has also a diploma on Management from E (1990) and on Leadership Development from CASE Western Reserve University (2009). He is accredited coach by HAY group (US). He has been Lecturer and Associate Professor of Statistics at the School of Engineers (Catalunya Polytechnic University, 1975-1986) and at the Faculty of Psychology (Universitat de Barcelona, 1986-1989).

Since 1990 is lecturing and doing research at Esade BS (Universitat Ramon Llull). His fields of interest are the development of the research designs, the improvement of the measurement in Social Sciences from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives, with applications to Social and Emotional Competencies, Leadership, Attitudinal Research, Branding, Service Quality, Quality of Life, Well-Being, Schoolchildren habits and Entrepreneurship, subjects on which he has been and still is Principal Investigator of various research projects. He has also published various books and articles in leading journals worldwide.