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Philip Beddows

Philip is a Founding Partner of the The Silk Road Partnership, which provides a range of coaching, mentoring, talent and leadership consulting services across Asia, the Gulf and Europe. Rather uniquely, Philip has spent almost his entire career in coaching and mentoring and has over 28 years experience of working in the field. He has a passion for helping people and seeing them realise their full potential in the context of their business. His specialism is working with senior individuals and emerging leaders at critical transition points in their careers or their organisation’s development.

In his practice, he supports and provides guidance for clients in situations when they are facing a fresh challenge and need to refocus or re-energise. This might be when they are moving into a new leadership role through lateral hire, promotion or relocation to another country. It could also be when they are moving on from and exiting their current firm and transitioning to a new mainstream corporate role or portfolio career path, which may include non-executive appointments. Philip is regarded as a trusted advisor and ‘wise counsel’  and he is also brought in to help enhance the working dynamics between senior executives and build more energised, focused and effective talent.

Although his sector experience is very broad, he has a high level of expertise working in financial and professional services. He has worked with people from all continents and more than 40 nationalities, and predominantly delivered assignments across EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

Throughout his career, he has been particularly fortunate to have had training and CPD with three of the pre-eminent Inner Game coaches.

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Appointments & memberships in the sector:

  • Founding Fellow - Institute of Coaching, 2011-present
  • Non-Executive - Institute of Legal Talent & Leadership (formerly the Institute of Mentoring)
  • Member, Board of Governors - International Association of Coaching ('IAC'), 2014-2019
  • Member - European Mentoring & Coaching Council ('EMCC')

Conference and Webinar contributions:

  • 'The Magic of the IAC Coaching Masteries' (panelist-presenter) : Webinar Series (April-June 2019).
  • 'The Cross-cultural Origins of Coaching and their continued influence in the field' (presenter) : International Association of Coaching (IAC) Quo Vadis Webinar Series (26-30 Nov 2018).
  • 'Leadership Synthesis' (presenter) : The International Leadership & Coaching Conference - 'Leadership Mantras for the Modern Age'; Bangalore, India, led by Krishna Kumar, with Sir John Whitmore and other leading coaches (June 2013).

Examples of published work: