Hasseldine, Rosjke

Rosjke Hasseldine

Rosjke Hasseldine

Rosjke Hasseldine, MS, MBACP (Accredited) has worked with thousands of mothers and daughters over her 30-year career as a mother-daughter therapist and coach and is the author of The Silent Female Scream and The Mother-Daughter Puzzle, and numerous professional articles, which you can read for free on www.motherdaughtercoach.com.

Through her extensive clinical experience, Rosjke created the Mother-Daughter Attachment® Model, which is a roadmap on how to uncover the underlying dynamics between mothers and daughters, the causes for conflict, generational trauma, and how to facilitate mother-daughter healing and generational change.

Today, Rosjke teaches coaches and mental health professionals how to work with mothers and daughters through Mother-Daughter Coaching International LLC, a training organization she founded. At Mother-Daughter Coaching International LLC, therapists and coaches receive much needed training, and mothers and daughters find the help they need through online courses and the “Find a Coach” referral list of Certified Mother-Daughter Coaches. www.motherdaughtercoach.com

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