Jelenjev, Lana

Photo of Lana Jelenjev

Lana Jelenjev

Lana is an avid firestarter, having co-founded initiatives like Neurodiversity Foundation and Neurodiversity Education Academy, an online platform providing awareness, education and support for teachers, parents and students on the topic of Neurodiversity. She is also a co-founder of Shift Foundation, an organisation for real life learning and awareness based collective action and established Community Rituals, a training and support platform to enable leaders to understand the language of rituals in communities.

Lana Jelenjev is a community alchemist and a learning design strategist with a solid background in training and education. She is the author of Community Builder: Designing Communities for Change and The 90 Day Action Planner, a Kickstarter backed planner for creative entrepreneurs. Lana provides support in various areas related to ideation, curriculum design, community building and personal development. Supporting fellow community weavers, transformational leaders and impact driven NGOs, Lana also launched Community Alchemy, an online learning and mastermind program focused on designing communities for change.

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