Molyn, Joanna

Joanna Molyn

Joanna Molyn

Joanna is an academic researcher and lecturer with a background in City finance (Dresdner/Allianz), Organisational Development (OD) and consultancy. Joanna’s research looks into the effectiveness of coaching and into coaching as a Higher Education tool to increase students’ employability effort. She is currently working in collaboration with Professor David Gray from the University of Greenwich and Professor Erik de Haan from Ashridg Business School on developing a research bid for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School.

Before joining academia, Joanna worked in the City investment bank, Dresden Kleinwort, in their Corporate Finance, Marketing and Global Debt divisions in different roles. Prior to that, Joanna worked as a Research Assistant for Business Management and Finance (BMF UK) Ltd, an official advisor to the Polish government responsible for major restructuring and privatisation programmes in Poland.

Most recently, Joanna has worked as a leadership facilitator and coach. She designed and delivered two leadership and innovation development programmes for the BBC, and a marketing project “The Commercial Value of Innovation” for BNY Mellon. Joanna has also designed and facilitated leadership workshops for Angel Academe and FLASH (a EU funded project).

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