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The IOC has built and supports a truly unparalled global coaching research community dedicated to accelerating research progress and disseminating best practices. The IOC disseminates the best, most actionable coaching research to its members and fellows, among who are coaches across various specialties as well as leaders seeking to make a difference in the world.

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Steven Scanlon

CEO, Rewire

As a practitioner and not an academician the IOC has been invaluable. The overarching purpose of bringing together the science of coaching to the art and skill of coaching has been invaluable to our entire organization. Rubbing elbows, as it were, with the kind of people that the IOC attracts has added a dimension and depth to our work that I didn’t know was there. Anyone serious about coaching as a vocation should look to join this amazing and thoughtful group.


Wataru Kurimoto

Director and Executive Coach, MCC, Coach A

We always have profound respect for the presence of IOC and its contribution toward raising the credibility of coaching. To us as a company, we treasure various co-learning opportunities created by the IOC, in which we exchange wisdom with various researchers and practitioners of coaching and organizational development. With our sponsorship of the IOC, we believe that we can continuously contribute to the development of the coaching industry and work together with these important stakeholders to build assets for this industry.


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