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Tapping Into the Military Mindset  to Strengthen Leadership During Crisis

Many people use the metaphor of war to describe these trying times. In fact, the military’s work can serve as a valuable guide to managers thrust into leading during a pandemic. It has developed a series of well-honed crisis management techniques that can help those in charge navigate these unparalleled circumstances. In times of crisis, coaches knowledgeable of these techniques can be particularly helpful in supporting leaders to provide strength, direction, and hope.

Lead with Amazing Grace

Grace is a complex concept, both a noun and a verb; it's definition is expressed in 19 ways by Merriam-Webster. Grace sweeps upward to divine assistance and down to earth through simple kindness and thanks. In motion, grace is graceful like a dancer or athlete. Grace is beautiful, or elegant, and sometimes extraordinary like Andrea Bocelli's voice singing Amazing Grace.


So much of what we say, do and understand comes not from the reality at the heart of things, but from the perception of them. Especially the perceptions of people. It’s called reputation and it’s a precious commodity.

To Be the Expert or Not: The Expert's Dilemma - Margaret Moore

The process of becoming a coach helps people let go of the expert identity and learn how to cultivate growth. But first, new coaches learn why the expert identity can get in the way of helping others.

 Influence Is Not A Dirty Word: How To Start A Following Without Manipulation
Part Two In Our Coaching and Influence Series

Everyone wants to have influence, but no one wants to admit it because the term carries a fairly negative connotation—one that invokes manipulation. In truth, influence is how work gets done all over the world. Coercion is useful in the short term if you have access to it, but lasting change is about creating followership, not slavery.

Do you ever have a boomer coaching client express frustration with an up-and-coming Millennial leader?  Or vice versa, do you ever find yourself coaching a Millennial or Gen-X leader who struggles with the command and control style of his or her boss?  

The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition defines resilience as, “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” Reivich and Shatte identify four uses for resilience. Many individuals must call on their reserves of resilience to overcome the negative experiences of their childhood.

One of the challenges of the coaching world has been the confusion over terminology. Just how is coaching different from or similar to other ‘helping by talking’ approaches like mentoring, training, instructing, consulting and counseling?

Winding Road Sign

The world is not getting any simpler. We believe we have created modern environments that are somehow within our control. But the truth is that the markets and operating environments in which we perform are as complex as the natural environments from which our ancestors sprung.