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This post is an action planning guide for coaches – whether you joined the webinar or not – for making decisions on – or if – to use tech in coaching. The majority of IOC participants in the webinar described their stance on tech in coaching as curious, ready to learn more and take initial steps such as exploring new tools. Some are already actively using tech. However, in many cases their use involves the familiar videoconferencing options for virtual coaching sessions.  


Are human coaches headed for the same disruption experienced by human travel agents?  Should you start asking for recommendations on coding boot camps or career coaches? Before making any of these leaps, let’s start with how digital coaching may develop and reconfigure today’s coaching market.    

The HR Tech Market Heats Up
We’ve all sat next to that annoying business traveller who keeps his mobile going no matter what the flight crew say.  What’s got him hooked?  Emails can’t be that interesting.