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Trust needs a customized approach. Trust is a complex, multifactorial concept and deserves a focused effort to adapt to your coaching, life, or organization.

Developing CEO founders

CEO-Founders are a unique breed. They are generally brilliant entrepreneurs who are looking to solve problems creatively without the burden of status quo solutions that traditional companies are saddled with. Early on, they come up with an amazing innovation, they attract a small group of talented team members, and raise capital. But success sometimes brings unwelcomed change. The hands on leadership approach that worked when the team was small and nimble is now viewed as intrusive or micro managing. The organization becomes dysfunctional. The pressure from investors grows. The impact on these pioneers is sometimes devastating. Coaching is becoming widely accepted as a potent remedy.

Teach Leaders to Navigate Complexity

How can we effectively support leaders who are less capable, because of their level of development and degree of awareness, to act effectively in the face of complexity?  Studies show approximately 20% of managers act from a post-conventional mind-set* and the majority of these leaders do not develop beyond the first post-conventional stage.  Yet, leaders who are not post-conventional in the parlance of developmentalists, are valuable and productive contributors to their organization.     

Driving Disruption While Facilitating Innovation - Whitney Johnson

As a coach and speaker, I have the opportunity to meet with individuals from all walks of life who are on what I like to call the “learning S-curve.” At the low end of this curve is discomfort and excitement of the unknown, when individuals are still getting their feet wet and discovering what is expected. At the high end is mastery, confidence, and (sadly) dullness—when the challenge is gone, so is the spark. 

 Influence Is Not A Dirty Word: How To Start A Following Without Manipulation
Part Two In Our Coaching and Influence Series

Everyone wants to have influence, but no one wants to admit it because the term carries a fairly negative connotation—one that invokes manipulation. In truth, influence is how work gets done all over the world. Coercion is useful in the short term if you have access to it, but lasting change is about creating followership, not slavery.

Influence has Nothing to do with Luck - dice thumbnail
Part One in our Coaching and Influence Series

When it comes to trying to get people to do what we want, we pay particular attention to how specific people have responded before to our attempts at influencing them at work — how much “luck” we have enjoyed as a result of those successful efforts.