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This sequel to previous blogs on "Presencing" delves deeper into the ‘Aha’ moment In other words, how both coach and coachee benefit from being a “witness” and a “contributor” to the practice of Co-creating in-the-moment with Compassionate Care.

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Presencing can be significantly enhanced by a better appreciation of the cultural background of the coachee as well as the cultural setting within which the coachee is operating. Coaches, in turn, need to be aware of their own cultural filters. Coach’s CI can significantly influence depth of coaching-interactions with the coachee.


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This blog is based on a series of conversations had by a group of Institute Fellows following a wonderful discussion led by Alison Whitmire, President of Learning in Action (and a Fellow herself) and Jeff Hull, Director of Education, Institute of Coaching, on Coaching for Blind Spots - In Ourselves and Our Clients.  Encouraged by Allison and Jeff, we began to explore a new concept, Presencing, that we share here.  Whitmire’s focus on self-awareness  and working on the ”edge” of our blind spots to become facile and effective at helping our clients uncover and work through their own, adds a new dimension for us as coaches.  

Empathy is Not Looking in a Mirror

How we express ourselves is unique to our personality, some more expressive than others. Victor Frankl wrote: human beings are different because we can separate the stimulus and response. What do you need to do to create that space for yourself?

In times like these, using emotion for adaptation instead of being ruled by emotion is crucial. Susan David, PhD is an expert in this topic, which she known as “emotional agility,” and serves as the title to her widely read book. As emotional agility is more useful than ever, Susan is partnering with TED in a new podcast called Checking in with Susan David.