Carol Kauffman's picture Submitted by Carol Kauffman April 5, 2015 - 9:01pm

Here at the IOC our mission has changed!  
Yes, we are dedicated to building the scientific foundation of coaching and translate these into best practices.  Yes we provide the best educational material and introduce you to great thought leaders. But, this is all in the service of helping each of us Make an Impact.

Stories of how coaching has changed lives and organizations are legion. CEOs have stepped up with ways to become positive social forces. Forbes article describes how CEOs are willing to be coached. Thousands of leaders are learning coaching skills and creating different cultures.

Health coaching is spreading through the health care system. Positive psychology is becoming mainstream and life coaching is a resource to tens of thousands.  For each person coaches there is a "Ripple Effect" as the impact of coaching goes beyond the individual being coached and touches those they know. (Read Harnisch Researcher and grant recipient Sean O'Connor's article).

How can we make coaching “stickier?” How can we all increase the market penetration of coaching on the planet?  Why should anyone care?

Why does it even exist?  Why is it an exploding field?  I think it meets a need, and reaches out to people in a different way. It builds on the strengths, values and the motivations of the client to help them find and access pathways toward being who they want to be, live their vision and achieve their best. It can be used in tandem with, but is very different from, consulting, teaching, mentoring, therapy or sports performance coaching.

Coaching is a powerful, shame free, egalitarian and effective vehicle for change.

What have you seen?  What is your understanding of why coaching is effective?