Chip Carter

For over two decades, Chip Carter has served as an experienced technology leader, manager, business/leadership coach, wellness coach/mentor, strategist, executive board member, software architect and developer. He has held senior C-level positions as a CIO/CTO and interim CMO leading impactful transitions involving technology for complex stakeholder groups in both private and nonprofit sectors. He is the founder of his own coaching company and practice, MudLotusHealth, and has coached business executives from a wide array of disciplines. As a technology and business leader, Chip has brought to bear effective, integrated approaches to innovation, change management, staff empowerment, and business process and productivity. As Director/Manager of a 90+ person engineering team at Lotus IBM, the IBM Software Group awarded him Manager of the Year in 2007. As a CIO/CTO and interim CMO working for two large global development NGOs -- Mercy Corps and Plan International USA, both global development NGOs working in over 30 countries -- Chip led sweeping, large-scale infrastructure changes, fundamental shifts in business practices and culture, the introduction of innovative marketing approaches and dramatic improvements to mission productivity and reduced total cost of ownership. Three elements characterize his professional history and operational approach: the interdependencies of clear vision and crisp execution; the development of strategic partnerships aligned on mission (as opposed to separate “businesses inside the business”); and a “whole person” approach to management and leadership, emphasizing job satisfaction, employee wellness, creativity and autonomy, and a healthy corporate culture. Chip holds a BS from Davidson College in biology and an MTS from Wesley Theological Seminary (Summa Cum Laude, comparative religion, psychology and philosophy). He is a long-time student and practitioner of meditation and mindfulness, and teaches weekly meditation classes. He has given numerous keynote talks and lectures on a variety of subjects: technology innovation, business process, leadership, corporate culture, effective management, workplace wellness, and mindfulness.  Chip served as the Director of Operations and Marketing at the IOC from December 2015 through June 2018, bringing new staff, infrastructure and vision on-board to create a platform for new IOC growth.