Integration: The Power of Being Co-Active in Work and Life

The Institute is pleased to present books published by Fellows and Sponsors....

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Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead

The IOC is pleased to present books published by Fellows and Sponsors. ...

Podcast: Coaching Optimal Teams with Amy Edmondson, PhD

In this podcast, Amy Edmondson, PhD, Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School addresses the latest research and best practices for coaching leaders on how to accelerate performance and learn "on the fly" in a world of constant change.

Webinar: Special Tribute to Anthony Grant: A Review of the Contribution of the Coaching Psychology Unit at Sydney University

The world’s first Coaching Psychology Unit was established by Anthony Grant and Michael Cavanagh at the University of Sydney in 2000. The Coaching Psychology Unit remains a leading institution in coaching research, education and practice to this day....

Peak Coaching Moments

While there is an abundance of stressful or low moments for all of us in pandemic time, coaches are also experiencing peak moments in coaching. What is a peak coaching moment? Czech authors Honsová and Jarošová published a lovely qualitative paper on peak coaching experiences (2018)....

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Leadership Coaching

IOC Leadership Coaching Section

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Coaching Effective Communication: Strategies for Disruptive Times

Slide presentation to accompany Pamela Nemecek's webinar: Coaching Effective Com...

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Webinar: Coaching Effective Communication: Strategies for Disruptive Times

Even in the best of times, communication can be challenging. When normal circumstances are disrupted, the process of understanding and being understood becomes even more complex....

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HBR: Without Compassion, Resilient Leaders Will Fall Short

It can come out of nowhere — a contempt attack. Like a panic attack, it arises suddenly and takes over completely. You feel a roil of emotions and an overpowering sense of exasperation: the person you’re working with is wasting your time, undermining your efforts, holding back the team. They’re weak, lazy, willfully misguided....

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Inclusion Matters: Adjusting your Mirrors and Managing your Blind-Spots

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