Impact of implementation intentions on physical activity practice in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Summary: ...

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Putting Feelings Into Words: Affect Labeling as Implicit Emotion Regulation

Authors Torre and Lieberman first orient us on emotion regulation: Successful emotion regulation is often thought of as something that requires mental or physical effort....

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As all transition, initiate college is challenging and demanding (Seco, Casimiro, Dias & Custódio, 2005).Studies demonstrated that these changes and demands can cause considerable distress, which have a significant impact in adjustment to college as well as in physical and psychological health (Aspinwall & Taylor, 1992 cit in B...

Identity And Legitimacy In The Emerging Profession Of Health Coaching

This two-essay research report develops theory around two key questions: 1) given the challenges associated with being part of an emerging profession, how can individual health coaches construct clear and confident occupational identities? And 2) how can individual health coaches legitimate both themselves and their profession?...

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Development of an Instrument for Microanalysis of Coaching Sessions

This paper presents the results of a project aimed at the development and the use of an instrument designed to identify differences and similarities across coaching approaches at the level of a specific coaching session. 41 professional coaches described one of their typical coaching sessions using this instrument and found it comprehensive....

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Decision Making in the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change

Prochaska’s article explains that two decision-making variables (motivation and confidence) emerged in a meta-analysis … “across more than 48 health behaviors including compliance with a variety of medications, mammography screening, colorectal screening, smoking cessation, exercise, diet, stress management, depression management, partner vi...

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Health Coaching: Changing the Delivery of Health Care

To change healthcare, we need to change the way we deliver that care. However we also have to empower them to follow through with the plan.


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Peak coaching experiences

Czech authors Honsova and Jarosova published a lovely qualitative paper in 2018 on peak coaching experiences. Here are the bottom lines. First, what is a peak experience? The authors note:...

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: The Cutting Edge of Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) has emerged as one of the most critical evidence-based approaches when working with patients to promote behavior change. Originally developed in the context of treating substance use disorders, MI is a collaborative method of communication that pays particular attention to the language of change....

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: Brain Health and Performance: Helping Clients Reach Their Full Potential

Whether your coaching practice focuses on leadership, wellness, or personal betterment, the brain health and performance of your clients and yourself are crucial to facilitating optimal lifestyle behaviors and responses....

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