The global initiatives in the coaching field

The escalating demand for coaching worldwide has motivated practitioners consumers and educators of coaching to advocate professionalisation of the industry to safeguard quality effectiveness and ethical integrity....

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Mindfulness: Theoretical Foundations and Evidence for Salutary Effects

Interest in mindfulness and its enhancement has burgeoned in recent years. In this article, we discuss in detail the nature of mindfulness and its relation to other, established theories of attention and awareness in day-to-day life....

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Coaching and emotions: an exploration of how coaches engage and think about emotion

This research project set out to investigate if and how coaches actually respond to emotions that they and their clients have. They were also asked for their views about what have been the main influences on their orientation to emotions....

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The Science of Mindful Awareness and the Learnable Skill of Mindsight

The Science of Mindful Awareness and the Human Capacity to Cultivate Mindsight and Neural Integration Daniel J. Siegel, M.D....

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Video: Mindfulness defined by Ellen Langer

 What is Mindfulness?: In this video Ellen Langer, PhD, presents her definition on mindfulness.

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Mindfulness research centers and recently published articles

This article, compiled in 2011, summarizes some recent research focused on mindfulness and identifies some important research centers.

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Matters of Mind: Mindfulness/Mindlessness in Perspective

The dual concepts of mindfulness and mindlessness are described. Mindfulness is a state of conscious awareness in which the individual is implicitly aware of the context and content of information. It is a state of openness to novelty in which the individual actively constructs categories and distinctions....

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Coaching – psychological concepts and coaching cultures

Editorial welcome to Volume 7, and our second issue in 2014 of Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice

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Journeys towards the professionalisation of coaching: dilemas dialogues and decisions along the global pathways

The term 'profession' derives from the Latin word 'profiteor' meaning to profess. Professionalisation is the process whereby a gainful activity moves from the status of 'occupation' to the status of 'profession'....

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Video Coaching with Compassion can Light Up Human Thoughts

This two-minute video discusses how giving and receiving help light up the human brain and the recent work of professor Richard Boyatzis, PhD at Case Western Reserve University.