Book Club

Book Cover: Positive Provocation: 25 Questions to Elevate Your Coaching Practice
June 6, 2024 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

May and June Featured Book: Positive Provocation: 25 Questions to Elevate Your Coaching Practice by Robert Biswas-Diener

The IOC Invites you to join our Book Club, which will meet once a month on the first Thursday of every month. We will spend two meetings per book, one for a review of the major themes and the other for specialized topic dives related to your coaching practice.

For the month of May and June, the 2024 IOC Book Club series will be reading Robert Biswas Diener's Positive Provocation, a book that prompts coaches to be more reflective about their coaching approach and strategies. The book provides a "series of 25 provocative questions that challenge the conventional wisdom in the coaching profession."

We will unpack Biswas Diener's three distinct techniques for reflective practice: provocation, experimentation, and implementation so that we can uplevel our coaching skills and development.

We invite you to join us and come prepared to deconstruct how we think about coaching and "coaching questioning" into this insightful and thought-provoking book club discussion.

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