Live Webinar

Coaching Leaders on What It Takes To Lead In Today’s Volatile and Complex World

October 04, 2023
11:00am to 12:00pm ET

In your executive coaching practice, you most likely keep hearing versions of the same story: the practices and frameworks that our clients learned in business school or from mentors no longer work. Many leaders are frustrated and anxious, wondering why they can’t get their organizations to respond and execute as they once did. Their strategic plans keep getting upended by unforeseen circumstances. They conduct detailed analyses, build consensus, and execute accordingly, only to be disappointed by the results. In surveys, a third of these executives say they’re extremely burnt out.

Leaders need assistance at a foundational level. To succeed in volatile times, they must first understand why their traditional approach—with its top-down hierarchy, annual planning cycle, and cascading execution—no longer works. With an understanding of what’s broken, leaders are better equipped to address root causes. They can select the appropriate adaptive leadership practices, combine them to create positive feedback loops, and apply them in the real-world context of their own organization.

Pulling on research and client stories in their soon to be published book by Wiley: The End of Leadership As We Know It: What It Takes To Lead In Today’s Volatile and Complex World, Dr. Steve Garcia and Dr. Dan Fisher will review the ten classic traps that our clients are at risk of falling into and how you as a coach can assist these leaders with adopting more adaptive practices.


  • Strengthen understanding of underlying causes of contemporary organizational struggles
  • Identify traps that clients can easily fall into and derail team and organizational efforts
  • Incorporate adaptive mindset shifts that enable clients to avoid these traps and achieve their objectives


Continuing Education Credits:

This webinar is approved for 1 CEU from The International Coaching Federation (ICF) (.75 Core Competency and .25 Resource Development), National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), EMCC Global, Association for Coaching and Wellcoaches. In order to receive credit you must attend live and complete a survey after the webinar (emailed the day after the webinar). Watching a recording will not qualify you for CEUs.

Meet Our Speakers

Dan Fisher, PhD

Dan is co-founder and a managing partner at CLA, and co-founder and board member of the Institute for Contemporary Leadership. previously co-managed the leadership and organizational effectiveness practice at AlixPartners.

Steve Garcia

Steve is co-founder and a managing partner at Contemporary Leadership Advisors (CLA) where he helps clients lead faster, more adaptive organizations and higher impact organizations. He is also a co-founder and board member of the Institute for Contemporary Leadership, which convenes executives to explore the future of leadership.