CoachX Conversations: Dr. Pamela Larde on The Four Practices of Joy: How to Integrate Joy into our Personal and Professional Lives

October 18, 2023 - 12:00pm to 12:30pm

In this CoachX Conversation, the Institute's Executive Director, Dr. Jeff Hull, engages in a unique and insightful conversation with the IOC's very own Director of Education, Dr. Pamela Larde. As the author of the soon to be released Joyfully Single, Dr. Larde offers a sneak peek into the four practices of joy, a cornerstone of her Multidimensional Framework of Joy. Venturing beyond the primary theme of singleness as presented in her book, this dialogue centers around how these practices translate into leadership and coaching paradigms. This conversation will provide a rare glimpse into how the interplay of joy, leadership, professional growth are rooted in our wellness and the whole of who we are as human beings. By melding personal and professional experiences with the principles from her book, Dr. Larde elucidates how to embed joy into the fabric of our lives. Dive in for a rich discussion that reshapes conventional thought on joy's role in leadership and coaching.


Dr. Pamela Larde, Director of Education at the Institute of Coaching, is a professor, coach, award-winning author, and business owner. She is intentional about integrating values of belonging, human dignity, justice, and human wholeness into every fiber of her work. As a dedicated member of the global community, Dr. Larde is committed to taking the lead in addressing compelling social issues through the Academy of Creative Coaching, which she founded in 2013. The Academy is among the first of black female owned ICF ACTP accredited coaching schools in the industry and is dedicated to advancing the reach of the coaching profession to serve and build up heart-centered leaders around the world.

Meet Our Speaker

Photo of Pamela Larde

Dr. Pamela Larde, a professor, coach, author, and business owner, is committed to engaging in the work of advancing the reach and commitment of the coaching profession to serve and build up heart-centered leaders around the world.