Creativity Discussion Group

December 21, 2023 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Special Guest: Howard Eisenberg

A very deep dive into the creative process from the perspective of a pioneering designer of corporate creativity training programs and also a psychonaut.


  • The real source of all scientific discoveries and inventions
  • Working with Altered States of Consciousness
  • Guaranteed techniques to generate original ideas
  • Reducing the filtering by conditioned perception & limiting beliefs
  • Scientific formula for ‘imagining ideas into Manifestations’

Howard Eisenberg is a Medical Doctor with additional postgraduate education in both Psychology and Psychiatry. He also is the CEO of Syntrek Inc., servicing an international Fortune 100 clientele. He is a natural multi-track Thinker with a diverse and accomplished background as a Neuroscientist, Physician, Psychotherapist, Professor, Management Consultant and Executive Life Coach. His new multi-award winning book is – “Dream it to Do it the Science and the Magic”.

Brainstorming? Innovating? Imagining? Ideating?

This monthly discussion group will explore increasing creativity in our practices and enhancing our clients' dreams and imaginations. Frequent guest speakers will facilitate our discussions and enliven our conversations. We seek to provide support, information and encouragement for our own and others' creative pursuits!

Host:  LeAnna DeAngelo

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