Fellow Discussion Group: Weekly Monday

October 4, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Presenter:  David Lee - How to Use Storytelling to Become a More Powerful Communicator and Change Agent

Storytelling is a powerful—yet gentle and non-intrusive--way of inviting people to see their problems from a different perspective, package hard-to-hear feedback and ideas in a non-threatening way that doesn’t trigger feedback, and help people break free from inertia and a sense of helplessness. It also adds a tremendous sense of freshness to the helper’s work because it helps them add more of their creativity and personality to their work.

In this session, we will explore a few of the ways coaches can use stories to increase the efficacy of their work, including:

  • Help shift people from “I can’t!” to “Maybe I can” to “I’ve got this.”
  • Make their ideas and points more fascinating and memorable.
  • Challenge unproductive perspectives without being confrontational and triggering defensiveness.
  • Help listeners “try out” new behaviors in their mind, by creating “virtual reality training videos”, enabling them to see new waves of acting and responding.

Each Monday, members of our Fellow community meet to collaborate and discuss various coaching topics and resources. Our weekly group connects coaches from across the globe and meets at 12:00pm EST. The group is hosted by Emily Terrani.  If you would like to present, please contact Emily.

This event is exclusively for Fellows

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