Mentorship Mastery: Shaping Futures, Inspiring Success

June 5, 2024 - 12:00pm to 12:30pm

Join us on this mentorship journey where success isn't just a goal; it's a guaranteed outcome! Remember, those with mentors not only outperform but also outearn the rest - let's chart your path to success together!

Uncover the secrets unveiled in her latest book, Financial Times Guide to Mentoring and in top-tier articles from Forbes, Nature, and Harvard Business Review. Be the mentor everyone dreams of, fostering success and propelling your mentees to new heights. Learn the art of creating a dynamic mentoring team, master networking strategies, amplify voices on the mentor-sponsor continuum, and unlock the keys to approaching your next mentor or mentee.

Explore the vital skill of identifying toxic mentors (tormentors) and discover why being both a mentor and a mentee, regardless of your rank, is crucial for a thriving career.

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Meet Our Speaker

Photo of Ruth Gotian

Dr. Ruth Gotian, Chief Learning Officer and Associate Professor of Education in Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medicine, is a globally recognized expert in mentorship and leadership development. Hailed by Nature, Wall Street Journal, and Columbia University, she was named a top 20 mentor worldwide.