Towards Greater Heights Discussion - Black Women in the Field of Coaching

February 11, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

We'd like to invite both members and non-members of the IOC to join us for an important discussion on the issue of race, equity and inclusion in the field of coaching, specifically as it relates to black women coaches. However, this discussion is open to all, regardless of race or gender.

Last year, we hosted the webinar, The Impact of Black Women in Coaching, which exceeded our expectations in terms of the enthusiastic response it received. Hundreds of you attended.  You also sent heartwarming comments and notes of gratitude.

We don't want this dialogue to stop there. Clearly, there's a need for -- and great interest in -- continuing this conversation. We're opening this normally a member-only benefit to enable the broadest audience possible.  After that, these discussions will resume, as member-only events, the 2nd Friday of every month at 1:00pm EST.

About the Facilitator
The conversation will be led by Pamela Larde, our Director of Education, who is among a group of industry leaders who, earlier this year, joined together to form our Race, Equity and Inclusion (REI) Council to tackle systemic racism in the global coaching community.

About the REI Council
The REI Council is committed to doing everything possible to elevate the visibility of people of color in the field of coaching, and to directly address and work towards the eradication of the issues that hinder them in the pursuit of their career goals and dreams.