Webinar: The Coach as a Fellow Human Companion: Inspiring a Relationship and Dialogue that is Transformative

The Coach as a Fellow Human Companion
August 12, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:30am

Reinhard Stelter makes the case for coaching to evolve to a next level he describes as “Third Generation Coaching.” Here the coach becomes a fellow human companion by moving from facilitator to a co-reflective partner.

To engage in third generation coaching (Stelter, 2014; 2019) as a transformative and fruitful dialogue, rather than focusing on reaching goals the dialogue elicits the client’s reflections on core values, which drive personal enthusiasm at work and may be beneficial for the whole organization.

Reinhard describes case studies and explores the key relational factors of third generation coaching and their impact on the coach-coachee relationship:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Relational attunement
  3. Withness-thinking
  4. Reflection-in-action and relational ethics
  5. The importance of values as a central dimension in the reflective coaching process
  6. Sharing “gifts” as collaborative meaning-making

Presenter:  Reinhard Stelter

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Reinhard Stelter holds a PhD in psychology and is Professor of Sport and Coaching Psychology at the University of Copenhagen and visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School (Master of Public Governance). He is head of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen. He has received further training in psychotherapy, counseling, coaching psychology and applied sport psychology is an accredited coaching psychologist (International Society for Coaching Psychology) in private practice.

He is the author and editor of one of Scandinavia's most successful books on coaching (published in Danish and Swedish) with the English title Coaching - learning and developing (nearly 30.000 copies sold). He is on the Editorial Board of the International Coaching Psychology Review, of Coaching: Theory, Research and Practice, of the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching, of Philosophy of Coaching and co-editor of Coaching Psykologi - The Danish Journal of Coaching Psychology. He is editor and author of more than ten books and 200+ articles in scientific and research oriented journals or books. He is Honorary Vice-President and Associate Fellow of the International Society of Coaching Psychology, Scientific Advisory Council Member (2009-16) and Founding Fellow of The Institute of Coaching associated with Harvard Medical School and associate at Taos Institute. Since 2009 he has been course director of the course on “Coaching, Kierkegaard and Leadership” at the Copenhagen Summer University.

His theoretical ground in coaching and transformative dialogue is inspired by existentialism, systemic thinking, social constructionism and narrative and collaborative practice. In 2014 his book Third generation coaching was published by Springer Science+Business Media. His newest book The Art of Dialogue in Coaching is awarded as the Henley Business School's Coaching Book of the Year 2019.