Webinar: Coaching Systemically: Five Ways of Thinking About Systems

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July 27, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

The term ‘systemic coaching’ is now widely used, usually to articulate the value for the coach of looking beyond the immediacy of the one-to-one coaching relationship. It is also being used to describe some specific, and quite different, ways of thinking about systems. If coaches are to make sense of this evolving narrative, then the industry as a whole must further familiarize itself with the relevant thinking from the worlds of systems thinking. In this webinar we’ll review five different ways of thinking about systems and consider how each philosophy might manifest differently in the work of a coach.

Presenter: Paul Lawrence

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After completing a PhD in Psychology, Paul embarked upon a corporate career with BP plc, leading teams and businesses in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Japan. Paul has been working as a coach and consultant since 2007, based in Sydney Australia, and has over 4,000 coaching hours working with individuals, groups and teams. Paul conducts research on a regular basis and has published more than dozen academic articles and book chapters. He has authored four books: Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management; Coaching in Three Dimensions: Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World; The Tao of Dialogue and Coaching Systemically: Five Ways of Thinking About Systems. Paul teaches coaching at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, is an Honorary Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University, and represents both the Association for Coaching and Association of Coaching Supervisors in Australia. He also just recently published a paper on Team coaching: Systemic Perspectives and their Limitations.