Webinar: You, Me, We. Why we need to create a culture of connection in a world of disconnection

November 15, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

As human beings, we naturally crave connection. We want to feel part of a larger community, purposefully working together toward a common good. Yet, in an age of zoom calls and hybrid workplaces more employees than ever report increasing loneliness and a sense of disconnection from their teams and colleagues. During the 20 years that Gallup has been asking us: Do you have a best friend at work? The engagement needle has barely moved. 

Today, more than 20% of employees report that they have no friends at work, no one they can turn to in a time of need. Maybe we’ve been asking the wrong question. Now, more than ever, we must all work to (re)build a sense of togetherness. How we lead, connect, and inspire others matters. It’s time to look up, show up, and step up in all our relationships to build trust and accelerate our success.

The question we should ask ourselves is: Am I a best friend at work?

During this interactive webinar you'll learn

  • The four questions we ask ourselves that underpin strong workplace relationship
  • The five practices of an Ally Mindset that impacts and how you show up in workplace relationships
  • Concrete ideas to build stronger connection with your clients, especially in a hybrid world

Additionally, all participants will have the opportunity to receive a personal Ally Mindset Profile™. To complete your profile go to: SkyeTeam.cloud/youmewe

This is a public webinar.

Presenter: Morag Barrett


Morag Barrett helps leaders achieve outstanding results through the power of their professional relationships. She is an in-demand keynote speaker, executive coach, leadership expert, and bestselling author of three books: Cultivate: The Power of  Winning Relationships, The Future-Proof Workplace, and You, Me, We: Why we all need a friend at work (and how to show up as one!). She has contributed to Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, and the American Management Association amongst others. Morag excels at helping leaders and organizations see the gaps in their development and discover new ways to move past them.

She also…

  • Has helped more than 15,000 leaders from 20 countries on 4 continents improve the effectiveness of their leaders and teams.
  • Is the proud mother of three 6ft tall sons who can thoroughly beat her in soccer, but don’t stand a chance in Scrabble.
  • Is a classical musician and ballroom dancer (not at the same time)
  • Is a member of the 100 Coaches organization formed by Marshall Goldsmith.