David Noble

Strategist and leadership advisor, David Noble supports the personal growth of senior executives and helps leaders and their teams align strategy, risk and execution. Known for long-term relationships, David partners with his clients to rapidly assess and address their most pressing issues.

In addition to his private client work in the corporate and non-for-profit world, David currently serves as Senior Advisor to Egon Zehnder and Oliver Wyman Group, and he is on the New Markets Advisory Board for Credit Suisse. Prior to this, David spent nearly a decade as managing partner at Oliver Wyman in financial services, and the global leader of AT Kearney’s financial services group. He also has 15 years of industry experience as a managing director at Morgan Stanley, and was senior vice president at Royal Bank of Canada, where he held many jobs, from Assistant Chief Economist to leading the world’s first Internet bank.

His clients value his operating and strategic experience in financial services, as well as his leadership advisory insights across multiple industry verticals developed over the past several years. David has experienced it all: growth environments, turnarounds, and start-ups around the world with their attendant successes and setbacks. Through this varied set of challenges, David found more personal meaning in encouraging and developing the great people he connected with, than in celebrating wins about successful transactions.

It’s not that winning isn’t important. Of course it is and it’s the best explicit scorecard we have. But he believes that deep down it’s more about concentrating on what you can influence: your good intentions for yourself and others, your best efforts to offer sincere advice, your faithful encouragement of people, and a commitment to keep growing, which ultimately leads to sustainable success.

David has lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Atlanta and San Francisco prior to settling down in New York and Miami. David earned a master’s degree in international management from McGill University, a master’s degree in economics from Queen’s University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia.

David is a trustee of the New York Foundation for the Arts, an organization devoted to helping emerging artists realize their potential. He is also on the board of Scenic Hudson, a leading land trust and environmental advocacy group. Together with his husband Douglas and their dog Diefenbaker, he takes full advantage of the outdoors at his weekend retreat in Hudson, New York. And if he is not hiking or boating, he spoils his friends with dishes full of organic vegetables harvested from his garden