Acceptance Committment Training and all our emotions

Laurel Smith Doggett's picture Submitted by Laurel Smith Doggett April 10, 2015 - 9:59am

Really enjoyed learning about the work of Steven Hayes, PHD and watching him with Todd Kashdan, PHD in a track presentation at the 2014 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.  Wondering what others think and how you process you or your clients full emotional selves?


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Steven Hays work on Accpetance Commitment Therapy and acceptance Commitment training is being used alot by coaches.  One of basic things he mentions in his book seems so dumb, until you try it. He suggests that when you get swept up in an emotion to step back in this simple way. Let's say you are angry that someone hasn't done a job well. But talking to that person when you are angry is not a good idea! He suggests just saying to yourself, "I am having the feeling of being angry." Another might be - I am having the thought my boss is upset with me.  Just remembering to do this can slow your system down.  Susan David has a great HBR video on this exact topic as she is bringing ACT into the business mainstream.


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Hi Laurel,

Yes Steven's work is exceptional. A fabulous contribution to our journey.

I was talking last week with someone who is adapting some of the core concepts of ACT to develop an approach that makes sense to the indigenous population here in Australia. Steven is aware of this and I'm told supports the work. It's fascinating to look at how these concepts play out in different cultural contexts and how sometimes our own cultural bias can impact the process.