Moving Beyond Coaching Competencies

As part of our exclusive group of senior coaches and leading scholars, we welcome your feedback on the discussions into how we can advance the current practices utilized for coach development and assessment.

The outcome of our work together will be published along with a final version of the series of articles by Project Research Lead and Convener, Dr. David Drake, in collaboration with the Institute of Coaching's Executive Director and IOC Project Leader, Jeffrey Hull.  

Below is a summary of the themes we are engaging in together:

  1. Surveying the landscape of the coaching profession: Research findings, field observations, and emerging demands
  2. Using an evidence-based framework for integrative development as a more systemic approach
  3. Introducing the "Five Maturities Framework" as a new paradigm
  4. Experiencing "Five Practices" to support maturation and mastery
  5. Exploring the implications for coaching and coach education, certification, and accreditation

Watch this page for updates and discussion topics and please leave your feedback in the form below.

We value your contribution!

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Dear friends,  

We are excited to set up this dialogue format as a way to continue the wonderful conversation and evolution of the research being conducted by Dr. David Drake, in conjunction with the IOC, on the future of coach development.  As you know, David is currently working to refine and expand his "five maturities framework"  and plans to publish a report on this research within the next year, with sponsorship from the IOC.  We would love for you to share your insights and thoughts in the wake of our gathering in Rotterdam.  

As a reminder, we at the IOC are committed to dialogue with our affiliates and fellows that provokes continued learning and growth for all of us. We want this, as with all of our member forums, to be a safe space for reflections and insights to be shared.  Please feel free to add your thoughts but always do so in a respectful manner, in the spirit of community and learning.  I look forward to hearing from you!