Advanced Practice

Many of us have unique coaching challenges and niches. In the Advanced Practice section, we discuss some common challenges - abusive bosses, the coaching relationship, global coaching, and vertical development. Links to our most popular and relevant articles and MasterClasses help round out your education.

Abusive Bosses

In this webinar, Carol Kauffman PhD discusses abusive leaders and how to navigate these leaders.

Take the MasterClass: This Mini-MasterClass on Abrasive Leaders by Founding Fellow, Laura Crawshaw, PhD is a wonderful guide to coaching abrasive leaders.

Global Coaching

In this webinar, Allen Moore, PhD, Korn Ferry, discusses relational approaches to global challenges.

Read more: in this article on Global Coaching .

Team Coaching

In this video interview, Amy Edmondson PhD, discusses teaming and team coaching.

Take the MasterClass: For more on teaming and team coaching, you may be interested in the MasterClass on Coaching the Optimal Team featuring the work of Amy Edmondson, PhD.

Masterful Coaching

In this video interview David Peterson, PhD discusses his work at Google and coaching to senior-level executives.

Take the MasterClass! You may be interested in this MasterClass Part 1: Your Journey from Good to Great featuring resources and work by David Peterson, PhD.

Complex Topics

Dick Kilburg, PhD discusses his current work on executive presence in this video interview.

Take the MasterClass! In our MasterClass: Virtous Leaders, we feature the work of Dick Kilburg PhD on coaching CEOs.

ADHD Coaching: 

Take the MasterClass! In our MasterClass: Organize Your Mind, Margaret Moore presents ways to be more organized, productive, and creative.