Supervision and Support

Self-care is absolutely essential for us to be personally and professionally sustainable. Supervision is a fast-growing niche and, for practicing coaches, has a very different spirit than psychological or business supervision. There are many ways to support ourselves, individually and collectively.  Though you may practice on your own, we hope you take advantage of the Fellows and Affiliates pages to forge new relationships as coaching buddies. Comb through our extensive practice and research articles on supervision, self-compassion, and support.

Research Articles Supporting Supervision:

Books on Supervision:

Self Exploration: Knowing Ourselves:

Self Compassion: Coaching Ourselves:

Inspiration: Finding your music

At each of our coaching conferences, we end with a musical or artistic performance. Our musical guests have included Ben Zander, Eric Whitacre, and Richard Kogan. Music is an apt metaphor for what we do as coaches. Whether improv, jazz, or classic performance, music is an emergent process. Each musician must be in touch with the music, his or her instrument, and the other performers. We also have some articles describing these skills in the light of understanding the coaching process. 

You many enjoy these two keynote presentations from our Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference sponsored by Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital and the Institute of Coaching:

Some interesting research articles: