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Reflections On the Future of Coaching in Today's World

Dive into a world of inspiration and sustainable growth with "Reflections On the Future of Coaching in Today's World: Global Ideas to Boost Your Personal and Business Sustainability."

This captivating e-book compiles the wisdom and insights of thought leaders, speakers, and participants from the Institute of Coaching conference in Barcelona, Fall 2022.


Why This Ebook?

Conferences are like bursts of energy, leaving us inspired and motivated, but as we return to our daily routines, those valuable insights often fade away.

Our e-book acts as a beacon, capturing the essence of the conference, so you can keep the flame of inspiration alive and apply it to your personal and business sustainability journey.

An added bonus: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking design inspired by the work of Barcelona's iconic architect, Antonio Gaudi, whose Casa Vicens provided the backdrop for this transformative event.

Join us in shaping the future of coaching and boosting your personal and business sustainability – together, we can make a difference!


What’s Inside

Know Yourself

Uncover the power of self-awareness to drive personal growth and effectiveness.

Know the Science

Explore the latest scientific insights that underpin successful coaching.

Know the Client

Develop strategies for building meaningful and impactful coaching relationships.

Know the Territory

Navigate the ever-changing landscape of coaching in the modern world.

About the Authors

Jeffrey Hull

Jeffrey Hull, Ph.D. is the Executive Director at the IOC. He is an author, educator and consultant with over twenty years experience partnering with C-suite executives on issues of high performance leadership, change management, organizational strategy, structure and culture. Dr. Hull is a highly sought-after facilitator, keynote speaker and executive coach to both non-profit and for-profit global organizations. The CEO of Leadershift, Inc. a management consultancy based in New York City, Dr. Hull is also a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, and an adjunct professor of leadership at New York University.

Photo of Ramon Estrada

Ramón Estrada

Ramón Estrada is a globally recognized Founder CEO Coach who believes in the power of personal development for business success. With a background in launching and growing seven businesses, including one that received an innovation award, he combines academic achievements such as an MBA from IESE Business School with coaching certifications from respected organizations like the Newfield Network and Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute. Ramón is known for his innovative coaching techniques and actively contributes to the coaching community. He resides in Barcelona, Spain, and offers a wealth of practical experience and science-backed coaching expertise.

Rolf Pfeiffer

Rolf Pfeiffer is an accomplished executive development professional with a rich background in consulting and senior management roles at prominent firms like Arthur D. Little, Accenture, and CSL Behring. He transitioned his career to focus on executive assessment and coaching, working globally in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, the USA, and South Africa. Rolf is currently a managing partner at S & P Executive Advisory Partners and is actively involved in mentoring programs and leadership development initiatives, showcasing his commitment to fostering professional growth and collaboration on an international scale.

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