How to Apply

Coming Soon:

The research grant application process is opening soon. We will invite pre-proposals in late 2021, and begin review of full grant applications in 2022.

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Grant Submission Overview

1.  Select Grant: Review the four types of grants and select the type of grant that is right for you.
2.  Submission of pre-proposal: Submit a two-page pre-proposal letter. This is required before you may submit a full grant proposal. Pre-proposals are accepted any time throughout the year.
3.  Review of pre-proposal: Pre-proposals will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Advisory Council and you will be notified if you can proceed with a full grant application.
4.  Submission of full proposal*: Approved pre-proposals will be invited to proceed to a full grant application. There are four full grant application deadlines per calendar year: February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.
5.  Review of full proposal*: The Scientific Advisory Council will review the proposals and we will inform you of the decision.

* Only those who have been notified that their pre-proposal was approved will proceed through submission and review of a full proposal.

Who Can Apply For Harnisch Grants?

Everyone is eligible to submit a research proposal for funding consideration by the Institute of Coaching. Applicants may be affiliated with academic institutions, private companies, non-profit organizations, or be independent. It is not required that you are affiliated with an academic or research institution in order to submit a research proposal. However, all researchers must demonstrate their experience in research and their understanding of research protocols or show evidence that they have a research mentor or supervisor for the project. We also strongly encourage graduate and post-graduate research applicants.

Applying for a Harnisch Grant:

Stage 1 - Submission of a pre-proposal:

Pre-proposal applications are accepted at any time.

  1. Review the pre-proposal instructions.
  2. Create an account using our online grant submission portal.
  3. Log into the grant submission system and upload your grant application form.

Pre-proposals are accepted, rejected, or additional information is requested. You will receive our decision within a month of submission. If approved, you will receive an invitation to proceed to a full grant submission. You will also receive an auto-generated email from our grant program advancing you to the full grant proposal stage.

Stage 2 - Submission of a full grant proposal:

Full grant application deadlines are: February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.
Note: Only approved pre-proposals may proceed to the full grant application.

  1. Review the full proposal submission instructions.
  2. Create an account using our online grant submission portal.
  3. Locate and select the title of your previously submitted pre-proposal.
  4. Fill out the form, upload your full proposal as a single PDF, and click Submit for Review.

Proposals are reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Council. You will receive our decision within 60 days after the relevant application deadline.

For any questions, please email

Scientific Advisory Council Review Process:

After submission, each grant is independently reviewed by three members of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). During the quarterly SAC grant review meeting, each grant proposal is examined in detail by the SAC. The reviewers report their assessments to the entire Scientific Advisory Council which finalizes the decision.

We will inform you of our decision within 60 days after the relevant application deadline. The information you provide is confidential and available only to the staff of the Institute of Coaching and our Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). We appreciate the effort involved in submitting an application and, thus, provide not only the outcome decision, but also detailed reviewer feedback on the project. Grants may be accepted, accepted with minor revisions, not accepted but offered an opportunity to revise and resubmit, or rejected. If accepted, a portion of the grant is funded at the outset of the project. Depending on circumstances of each project, funded amount, and length of the project, the remainder of the funds are disbursed during the project with a mid term-report and upon completion of the final written report of findings.

A pre-proposal or full proposal that has once been rejected may not be submitted again.  You may, however, submit a proposal for a new study (with new research questions and methodology).

Please note: Given that one goal of the Institute of Coaching is to advance the field of coaching as a whole, we do not fund research on coaching models, tools, or methods that are proprietary (i.e., trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise protected) or primarily commercial in nature (i.e., exclusively associated with one author or group). This includes any future decisions to create proprietary material based on research we have supported.