Coaching Culture

Webinar: How and Why (!) to Build a Coaching Culture

Dealing with disruption is best served with coaching. Change is a constant in business today, but the quantity and pace of change that we are dealing with is unprecedented....

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May 2019 Coaching Report

What do IOC thought leaders say about coaching cultures?​ A coaching culture... ...

Truth & Courage: Implementing a Coaching Culture

Download Doug Riddle's white paper for insights and tools that help cultivate a coaching culture.


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Creating a Coaching Culture

Creating a Coaching Culture will help coaches and coaching companies to be more effective in the market place, by using an approach that works to create a coaching culture and integrates coaching well into organisations....

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April 2019 Coaching Report

Trends in coaching:  Inside? Outside? Upside! ...

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2018 Conference Keynote:The Heart of Coaching: Dreams, Possibilities and Sustained Change

We are told by many to focus coaching on solving the client’s problems and to take the client’s statement of their problem/s as the main context of our coaching discussions. Research reveals the opposite....

How Coaching is Making a Difference in Educational Settings

Slides to accompany Christian van Nieuwerburgh's webinar: ...

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Webinar: How Coaching is Making a Difference in Educational Settings

In this interactive and informative session, Christian will discuss how coaching is having a positive impact in educational settings. The use of coaching to support students, educators, and educational leaders will be discussed. Practical applications and international perspectives will also be covered in this session....

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Coach Culture: A Playbook for Winning in Business

Why do some companies have employees that love what they do, while other companies are full of uninspired and unengaged people? What are the ingredients that make a team productive, profitable and want to work together long-term?...

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The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching: A Developmental Approach

The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching focuses on the specific elements necessary in supporting masterful coaching. It provides seasoned and novice coaches with an overview of the essential elements required on the journey to mastery....