Professional development in coaching: towards a dynamic alliance of narrative and literature to transform the learning process

Coaching draws on disciplines such as psychology, management theory, and organisational development. From these disciplines, models that seek both focused solutions to problems and those that aim to effect transformative learning have been developed....

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Introduction to Vol 14, No 2

In this issue of IJEBCM we have one reflection from the field article and eight peer reviewed papers, four of which relate to coaching issues or contexts, two that specifically concern coaching supervision and two that focus on aspects of mentoring.  We also have two book reviews.


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Contributing to coaching knowledge whilst learning how to research: a review and discussion of four student-coaching studies

This article showcases four student research projects focused on forms of internal and external coaching, and coaching supervision. The studies were selected from a pool of unpublished studies that were grouped according to their general interest and relevance to each other....

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A review of research into business coaching supervision

A systematic search of the coaching literature for original peer-reviewed studies into business coaching supervision yielded seven research reports. Evaluation of these studies showed them to be low in the reporting of methodological rigour....

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An investigation and analysis of the continuous professional development and coaching supervision needs of newly qualified and experienced coaches: a small-scale practitioner-based study

This small-scale practitioner study attempted to identify the perceived learning needs of coaches, in terms of continuous professional development (CPD) and coaching supervision. Research was UK based and conducted during May–September 2013....

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Approaching solutions or avoiding problems? The differential effects of approach and avoidance goals with solution-focused and problem-focused coaching questions

This study aimed to give insights into the dynamics underpinning different types of coaching questions by exploring the interactions between solution-focused (SF) and problem-focused (PF) coaching questions and approach/avoidance goals. Past research has found that SF coaching questions lead to more positive outcomes than PF questions....

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Using Assessments Wisely in Coaching Engagements

Slides to accompany Tricia Naddaff's IOC Webinar: Using Assessments in Coaching: The Risks and the Benefits

Webinar: Using Assessments in Coaching: The Risks and the Benefits (Resource)

A well-chosen assessment can be an invaluable coaching tool, facilitating deep insight and exploration and inspiring eye-opening reflection. An assessment administered ineffectively, however, could send the wrong message – making a subject feel that they are being judged and evaluated rather than supported and encouraged....

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2016 Conference Talk: Creating Moments of Meeting in Coaching

David Drake presents on "Creating Moments of Meeting in Coaching" at the Annual 2016 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

2016 Conference Talk: Coaching and the Brain

Carlos Davidovich presents on "Coaching and the Brain" at the Annual 2016 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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