2018 Conference Keynote Presentation: Driving Transformational Change - Lessons from the C-Suite

With overwhelming pressure from conflicting stakeholders, how do the world’s best executives serve as coaches to help their teams discover and deliver their best work? How do we find individual and organizational meaning as shifts in priorities, ever present crises and accelerate change and compete for our attention?

2018 Conference Track Presentation: The Cutting Edge of Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) has emerged as one of the most critical evidence-based approaches when working with patients to promote behavior change. Originally developed in the context of treating substance use disorders, MI is a collaborative method of communication that pays particular attention to the language of change....

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: Applying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Executive Coaching

Psychological flexibility (a/k/a emotional agility) promotes valued living in and out of the workplace. It makes it easier to choose to act to move toward one’s personal and professional goals and values and overcome unhelpful thinking patterns, difficult emotions and all that shows up and gets in the way....

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: Brain Health and Performance: Helping Clients Reach Their Full Potential

Whether your coaching practice focuses on leadership, wellness, or personal betterment, the brain health and performance of your clients and yourself are crucial to facilitating optimal lifestyle behaviors and responses....

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: Finding Paths to Healthier Workplaces

There is a lot of evidence that poorly designed work environments can be stressful and socially toxic, leading to negative outcomes for both the organization and the people who work there. Fixing this problem requires as much attention to improving the job conditions, as it does to strengthening individuals....

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: The Framework for Cultivating the Mind, Skills and Beliefs of Being A Conscious Leader

This program is a blueprint for leaders who can look within and commit their mind and heart to making a real difference in their world. This program is as powerful as it is empowering and offers a practical path for leaders to:...

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: Vertical Development in Coaching

The demands of work increasingly require everyone to be changing and improving, constantly evolving to handle ever-increasing complexity. While the particulars of any one role or work environment will vary, there is a predictable underlying trajectory of evolutionary growth all adults can travel…with the right blend of challenge and support....

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2018 Conference Keynote Presentation: The Entrepreneurial Coach

Coaching is immensely fulfilling – but there’s only so much time in the day to work with clients. Many of us, frustrated with “trading time for dollars,” have sought strategies to build passive income and develop multiple revenue streams....

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2018 Conference Track Presentation: Team Coaching: The Art and Science

Unique among team development modalities, team coaching involves making real-time interventions as a team performs real work—which helps to generate in-the-moment awareness, immediate shifts in behavior, and sustainable improvements in effectiveness and results....

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2018 Conference Keynote Presentation: Positive Psychology and Coaching for Youth/In Education

Coaching psychology involves the mobilization of personal strengths and external resources to strive towards achieving authentic goals for optimal performance and well-being....

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