Webinar: Designing Your Life: Coaching to Get Unstuck and Thrive

Dave Evans, co-founder with Bill Burnett of the Stanford Life Design Lab and co-author of the NYT worldwide bestseller Designing Your Life and their just released Designing Your Work Life introduces us to "design thinking" - the innovation methodology conceived at Stanford that has fueled the creativity of Silicon Valley and is now transforming ...

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Resolving Conflict in a Pandemic

The world is embroiled in conflict as the pandemic continues unabated. Across the world, within countries, and even neighborhoods, families, and age groups, there is no consensus on the best approach to navigating the pandemic – conflict is at an all-time high.

Impact of Grief on Mind, Body & Brain

The grief that comes with losing a loved one brings significant health risks in the acute phase, including heart attacks. The more severe the grief the more severe the health risks....

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Trust Matters in Pandemic Time

How can we improve trust in pandemic time? Enable multiple opportunities for positive social encounters throughout the day to stimulate oxytocin release (which lasts for 30 minutes), which in turn improves trust, teamwork, and performance.

Pandemic Grief Can be Complicated

The attachment we feel for each other, to those we love, to the house we live, to the job we engage in – will be reflected by the pain we feel later when we no longer have the job, our loved one or our house. So in a very real way grief is evidence of your love. Each tear is proof that you cared. You loved.

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If You Feel Like You’re Regressing, You’re Not Alone

For many, the first weeks of managing a crisis feel extremely meaningful and energizing. But when I revisited the same leaders a few weeks later, they reported that something had happened to their energy and to the way their team was collaborating. The adrenaline-fueled pace of the initial crisis response began sputtering....

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Turn Crisis into Growth

The opportunity posed by the seismic disruption of the pandemic on our core beliefs is to turn the post-crisis struggle into growth, taking us beyond resilience and recovery.

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