Executive Coaching

Podcast: Coaching Optimal Teams with Amy Edmondson, PhD

In this podcast, Amy Edmondson, PhD, Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School addresses the latest research and best practices for coaching leaders on how to accelerate performance and learn "on the fly" in a world of constant change.

CoachX Conversation: Douglas Choo on Coaching Executives to Lead Organizations Through Change

Douglas Choo, IOC Fellow, former Head of Strategy at Metlife Group and a consultant with McKinsey and Deloitte will be sharing a case study of his coaching at a financial institution which is going through changes....

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Pinpointing Excellence: Succeed with Great Executive Coaching and Steer Clear of the Rest

The IOC is pleased to share books authored by our Fellows and Sponsors. For many of us, selecting the right, highly skilled executive coach is as risky now as it was years ago when John’s first book was released....

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Thriving Women Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing, and Inspired Actions

This book is a celebration of women. It is an invitation to journey from #MeToo to thriving women via appreciative inquiry, dialogue, and story telling. It addresses topics, through an appreciative lens, that may be difficult to talk about, yet must be talked about to heal social wounds and create conditions for women to thrive worldwide....

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CoachXConversation: Eddie Turner on Purposeful Leadership

Eddie Turner and Jeff Hull discuss purposeful leadership in this CoachX Conversation.

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Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere


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CoachXConversations: Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson and Carol Kauffman discuss Executive Coaching

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Who Gets Promoted and Why? Coaching the 5 Key Elements of Promotability

Slide presentation to accompany Amii Barnard-Bahn's webinar Who gets Promoted and Why? webinar.

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Webinar: Who Gets Promoted and Why? Coaching the 5 Key Elements of Promotability

You’re great at what you do — so why aren’t your coaching clients getting promoted?...

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Presentation Slides: The Future of Executive Coaching: Perspectives from Google and Facebook

PowerPoint slides for David Peterson and Nathalie Salles-Oliver Domain Keynote presentation at the 2019 Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.