Executive Coaching

2017 Conference Keynote: Executive Coaching on the Cusp of Disruption: What’s Up With the MashUp?

David Peterson, PhD and Whitney Johnson present on Executive Coaching on the Cusp of Disruption at the 2017 Annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

Build an A-Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve

Do you want to have a high-performing team that strives for greatness, even in the face of uncertainty? Do you want to be a boss people love, while also driving high performance?...

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Quiet: How to Harness the Strengths of Introverts to Transform How We Work, Lead and Innovate

PowerPoint slides to compliment Susan Cain's keynote presentation at the 2017 Harvard Medical School Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

Seeing eye to eye: A meta-analysis of self-other agreement of leadership (The Leadership Quarterly)

The agreement between a leader's self-rating of leadership and ratings from the leader's subordinates, peers, and superiors (i.e., self-other agreement) is critical to understanding leadership, but questions remain regarding the extent to which leaders are aware of their behaviors....

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Yes, You Can (and MUST) Measure the Results of Executive Coaching!

Slides to accompany Brian Underhill's IOC Webinar: Yes, You Can (and MUST) Measure the Results of Executive Coaching! 

Webinar: Yes, You Can (and MUST) Measure the Results of Executive Coaching!

The executive coaching field still suffers greatly from an “image problem” – many in the world do not understand what we do, and often confuse us with other less desirable occupations. Our profession must capture legitimacy in the world’s eyes. One solution? Measurement!...

Internal versus external executive coaching

The purpose of this paper is to show the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external executive coaching. To this end, it offers a thorough review of the literature and an exploratory study based on the Delphi method with 40 selected experts, who gave answers based on their own experience....

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Multi-stakeholder contracting in executive/business coaching: an analysis of practice and recommendations for gaining maximum value

Multi-stakeholder contracting for coaching takes place in organisational settings worldwide. This article presents the results and implications of an international study which explored its use in executive and business coaching, with the aim of sharing best practice and achieving maximum value for all participants....

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A review of research into business coaching supervision

A systematic search of the coaching literature for original peer-reviewed studies into business coaching supervision yielded seven research reports. Evaluation of these studies showed them to be low in the reporting of methodological rigour....

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2017 January Coaching Report

The Coaching Two-Step: From Subject to Object to Transformation...