Executive Coaching

The Charismatic Advisor: Becoming a Source of Strength in the Life of Your Clients

Dr. Brooks and David Richman, a coach to many of the most successful financial advisors in the United States, describe the qualities that help advisors to have a positive impact on the lives of their clients....

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MasterClass: Leadership Coaching and the 4 Capabilities

Today we are living in very dynamic, fast-paced, and stressful environment which demands rapid flexibility and fluidity in our perceptions and behaviors. Organizations are required to learn, interate, grow, and respond much more quickly than in prior years....

MasterClass: The Corporate Athlete

Throughout this MasterClass, you will hear, see, and read as Dr. Jim Loehr discusses how executive coaching has the potential to impact the health and well-being of corporate America and the strategies he has successfully employed at Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute....

MasterClass: Virtuous Leaders

Today’s corporate, non-profit, educational, and government leaders face a myriad of complex decisions and challenges. In a new world economy our interconnectedness is increasingly pronounced: a financial crisis in one part of the world is felt rippling through another....

MasterClass: Moving Coaching Assessment to the 21st Century!

Coaching assessment can drive evidence-based practice by catching up to coaching’s evolving state. Coaching develops capabilities and effectiveness and maximizes the leader’s positive impact on organizational results. Historically, leadership coaching has remediated leaders’ attitudes, knowledge, skills, and practices....

Podcast: Virtuous Leaders: Coaching at the top of an organization with Dick Kilburg PhD

In this podcast, Dick Kilburg, PhD, presents "Virtuous Leaders: Coaching at the Top of an Oganization" via way of a case vignette and discussion.

Podcast: Executive/Leadership Coaching: Building and Managing Your Practice with Lew Stern, PhD

Learn about how to build, refocus and expand your practice from Lew Stern, PhD, the author of Executive Coaching: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice and co-author of The Executive Coaching Handbook....

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MasterClass: The Journey from Good to Great with David Peterson - Part II

Thank you for joining us for our two-part MasterClass series, MasterClass: The Journey from Good to Great with David Peterson featuring his illuminating work....

Development First Workbook: Creating Your Own Learning Plan

Use this handy workbook to create and implement a personal learning plan based on the Development FIRST® model.

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Development First: Strategies for Self-Development

Development First is concise guide that provides practical ways to integrate development with your responsibilities and goals so you can do your job better, now and in the future. "First" is an acronym for the five simple steps that can help drive your development.