Imposter Syndrome

CoachXConversations: Lisa Orbe-Austin

Lisa Orbe-Austin and Jeff Hull discuss Imposter Syndrome

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Own Your Greatness: Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life

Stop letting impostor syndrome hold you back! This guided workbook of interactive exercises and research-backed activities will help you conquer self-doubt, realize your true worth, and enjoy your success.How many times have you thought that everyone is crushing it except you?...

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Webinar: Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Coach Clients to Defeat the Internalized Negative Voice and Live in Their Greatness

Impostor Syndrome is a phenomenon seen in high achieving individuals in which they are constantly plagued by the idea that will be exposed as a fraud. Every mistake, misstep, experience of not-knowing is interpreted as evidence of this fraudulence. 70% of people report that they have experienced Impostor Syndrome in their lifetime....

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