CoachX Conversations: Rita McGrath on Creating a Permissionless Organization

To thrive in complex and uncertain situations, we know that organizations do best when those at the ‘edges’ – who are close to customers and markets – can make decisions independently.  A few organizations are figuring out how to do this by creating ‘permissionless’ structures, in which teams can self-manage, which speeds up responsiveness ...

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The Practical Guide to HR Analytics: Using Data to Inform, Transform, and Empower HR Decisions

The need for HR professionals to understand and apply data analytics is greater than ever. Today’s successful HR professionals must ask insightful questions, understand key terms, and intelligently apply data, but may lack a clear understanding of the many forms, types, applications, interpretations, and capabilities of HR analytics....

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On Becoming a Leadership Coach: A Holistic Approach to Coaching Excellence

This book focuses on coaching leaders in the context of the organizational systems within which they lead, drawing on the curriculum of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program, one of the premier coach training programs in the world and the only one with this particular focus....

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Unleashing the Power of Liminal Space

Slides to accompany the webinar: Unleashing the Power of Liminal Space

Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Liminal Space

In this highly interactive discussion, Rick Simmons, CEO, the telos institute, will provide coaches the framework to work with clients and leaders to help them realize the incredible potential of these uncertain times.  At Telos, we use the term “liminal space” to define periods of discontinuity that create an openness to change, much like ...

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Strategic Shared Leadership and Organizational Dynamic Capabilities

We propose that the purposeful sharing of strategic decisions and the process of making and taking those between the dominant coalition of an organization (Strategic Shared Leadership or SSL thereafter), initiated and supported by a focal strategic leader or small team, engenders Organizational Dynamic Capabilities (ODCs) though the transfer of ...

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Using a blended style of coaching

This research focused on the coaching practices of internal coaches in a multimedia organisation. Survey questions were sent to 135 clients who had completed the ‘Coaching Programme’ since its inception....

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Peer coaching as a strategy to increase learning and development in organisational life a perspective

This article draws on the researcher’s collective research and experience in using peer coaching as a strategy to improve professional and performance learning over the past 20+ years. This work has influenced training approaches to learning in the health industry as well as in corporate leadership training....

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Internal versus external executive coaching

The purpose of this paper is to show the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external executive coaching. To this end, it offers a thorough review of the literature and an exploratory study based on the Delphi method with 40 selected experts, who gave answers based on their own experience....

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An ethnographic study of the introduction of internal supervisors to an internal coaching scheme

Coach supervision is currently a hot topic. With the support of coaching bodies, supervision is increasingly regarded as a requirement to practice as a coach. However, the evidence base specific to coach supervision to support its effectiveness is limited....

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