Managing Stress

The Adaptability Quotient: How to Empower Clients to Use Stress for Positive Change

Slide presentation to accompany Heidi Hanna's Webinar: The Adaptability Quotient: How to Empower Clients to Use Stress for Positive Change

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Webinar: The Adaptability Quotient: How to Empower Clients to Use Stress for Positive Change

Everyone has stress on their brains (and bodies) these days, and as a coach it’s critical that you understand how to facilitate the use of stress in ways that are helpful instead of harmful. Neuroscience research demonstrates that our brain and nervous system can adapt in both positive and negative ways to stress....

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What to do if Your Client Seems Stressed

Coaches frequently encounter stress symptoms in clients. A science-informed protocol to help clients evaluate stress and relieve stress is a valuable focus area for coaching.

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Common and Dissociable Neural Activity After Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Relaxation Response Programs

Abstract Objective:  We investigated common and dissociable neural and psychological correlates of two widely used meditation-based stress reduction programs....

Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain and Body

Two New York Times–bestselling authors unveil new research showing what meditation can really do for the brain.  ...

Webinar: Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies: A Framework for Better Living

In this webinar, Gretchen discusses how using the “Four Tendencies” framework can help us understand how to manage ourselves better – and how to help other people to manage themselves better....

Optimal Stress: Living in Your Best Stress Zone

With all the stress you have in your life, don't you wish it were good for you? Well, guess what? It can be. All you have to do is discover the level of stress that's right for you and embrace it. Easier said than done, right? It can be easier than you ever imagined....

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Physician Burnout: Coaching a Way Out

Twenty-five to sixty percent of physicians report burnout across all specialties....

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Self-guided multimedia stress management and resilience training

Behavioral health intervention technology programs (e.g. computer internet or tablet) with a positive psychology focus (i.e. resilience training) can have a profound impact on behavioral and physical health. Such programs can increase access to evidence-based behavioral health training (e.g....

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The Role of Mindfulness in Coaching

In this article we explore the concept of mindfulness as a tool for helping both coaches and coachees. We argue that the coaching practice of the coach can be enhanced through using mindfulness as a preparation tool. We highlight research evidence on the impact of mindfulness in managing stress and contributing towards improved performance....

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