Paul Zak the Neuroscience of Connection and Persuasion

Slide Presentation to accompany Paul Zak's webinar on the Neuroscience of Connection and Persuasion.

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Webinar: Paul Zak on the Neuroscience of Connection and Persuasion

In this highly interactive talk neuroscience and management expert Paul Zak will discuss the brain mechanisms through which people affiliate and influence each other. Paul's books...

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The Science of Effective Coaching

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Webinar: The Science of Effective Coaching

Great coaches move us. They move us through a basic human process — our emotions. The effective coaches establish a deep emotional connection with others called resonance. They are literally, in tune with others around them. They create and nurture these resonant relationships through mindfulness, hope, compassion, and playfulness....

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Interview with Sarah Lazar, PhD, Expert on Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Dr. Lazar is an Associate Researcher in the Psychiatry Department at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Assistant Professor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School. The focus of her research is to elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of yoga and meditation, both in clinical settings and in healthy individuals....

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The theory of constructed emotion: an active inference account of interoception and categorization

Abstract: The science of emotion has been using folk psychology categories derived from philosophy to search for the brain basis of emotion....

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How does strong life purpose improve decision-making

Purpose is a hot scientific topic today in psychology. Benefits of strong purpose include greater resilience, enhanced emotion regulation, and better relationships. But purpose affects more than just psychological well-being. Research shows that having a strong purpose improves physical health and engagement in healthy behaviors....

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Webinar: Neurobiology for Coaches: Connecting the Dots – Body, Brain, and Behavior

In recent years there’s been an explosion of research about the brain and body. But our knowledge of of this vast field – not to mention our ability to put it to use – is scant at best....

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Neurobiology for Coaches: Connecting the Dots - Body, Brain, and Behavior

Slides to accompany Amanda Blake's webinar: Neurobiology for Coaches: Connecting the Dots – Body, Brain, and Behavior

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2018 Conference Keynote:The Heart of Coaching: Dreams, Possibilities and Sustained Change

We are told by many to focus coaching on solving the client’s problems and to take the client’s statement of their problem/s as the main context of our coaching discussions. Research reveals the opposite....