MasterClass: Tapping Your Creative Brainsets with Shelly Carson PhD

Virtually all aspects of life in this rapid-change climate of the 21st century require creative responses. Enhancing clients’ natural creative abilities is an important goal in coaching, and coaching itself requires creativity....

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MasterClass: Coaching for Leadership with "Mindsight"

Coaching for leaders with "Mindsight": A review of the work of Dr. Dan Siegel, M.D.:...

MasterClass: Organize Your Mind (2012)

This MasterClass builds on the latest scientific findings in neuroscience and how to continue to manage our minds to support organized, creative and productive results....

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Multitasking—a medical and mental hazard

Harvard Medical School Health Blog discusses the hazards of multi-tasking.

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Powerpoint Slides: The Focused Leader

Here are four slides the Dan Goleman PhD

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2014 Video Interview with Margaret Moore, MBA and Shelley Carson, PhD: Brain States

Margaret Moore and Shelley Carson PhD discuss their new model on brain states presented at the 2014 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference with Joan Ryan, Founding Fellow

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The Organized Mind

The information age is drowning us with an unprecedented deluge of data. At the same time, we’re expected to make more—and faster—decisions about our lives than ever before....

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Podcast: Coaching the Addicted Brain with Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACS

Hooked: Coaching Those Living an Addictive Lifestyle:"Hand Over the Chocolate and No One Gets Hurt!”  Learn about the latest research on the Neuroscience of Obsessions & Addictions and best practices for coaching by Dr.Pamela Peeke.  Pamela Peeke, MD MPH FACP is the author of The Hunger Fix, Assistant Clinical...

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Webinar: Organize Your Mind For Coaching (2015 ) with Shelley Carson and Margaret Moore

It has never been more difficult for the brain’s CEO region, the prefrontal cortex, to perform at its best. Leaders (and coaches) are dealing with epidemics of distractions, multitasking, extreme pressures, made worse by a brain energy crisis....

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2015 January Coaching Report

We are pleased to start off 2015 focused on the evolving field of neuroscience and harnessing the power of your own brain....